About us

Tyniri is an online store specialized in Algerian handicrafts, where artisans display and sell their products and where customers can find exceptional pieces with just one click.

Very concerned about the satisfaction of its customers, Tyniri makes sure to offer them a very varied range of items from all regions of Algeria. Handmade, authentic, chic and unique items with touches of modernity made by passionate artisans.

Tyniri means great desert in the Berber language. We choose this name because Algeria has one of the largest deserts in the world, but beyond its desert appearance, the Algerian Sahara hides many riches. It is home to many Berber tribes who until today make products using the same tools and the same artisanal and traditional techniques inherited from their ancestors. 

These tribes don't only live in the desert but also in the mountains or by the Mediterranean Sea. Several civilizations have passed through these lands and each has left its mark on the culture of the country, giving birth to a rich handicraft.

Our mission

Our main mission is to promote Algerian handicraft internationally, to give it the status it deserves as well as to preserve our heritage, by highlighting authentic products made by skilled and committed craftsmen.

Our values

1 Support local artisans who work hard, with passion and love and help them to have a fair income.

2 Offer an authentic Algeria near you wherever you are.

Bridge the gap between tradition and modernity where traditional craftsmanship and the contemporary world come together in harmony. 

4 Satisfy our customers who are at the center of our thinking and we continually work to respect our commitments to them and to build a solid relationship of trust and respect.

Our story

         We are four young Algerian women with a passion for exploration and adventure. Each time we visit a new region in Algeria we meet new tribes and discover new customs and traditions that we didn't knew about. During all our trips, we were always amazed by the beauty of the handicrafts, the diversity of the traditions and especially the splendour of the sceneries of Algeria, we had the impression to travel in time and to travel a whole continent!

         However, we were disappointed that all these riches are not well known. Especially since Algerian handicrafts are underestimated and unknown to the rest of the world. We therefore decided to act and contribute to its preservation and reputation. The idea was to bring to light this heritage that has been so neglected and to unveil the wonders of Algeria in order to promote the Algerian heritage so that it regains its well-deserved place.

         Tyniri is the result of this idea, an online platform that offers local Algerian artisans,the majority of whom are women the possibility to sell their products on the international market and reach customers worldwide.  We strive to offer our customers products that best represent the authentic Algerian identity and we attach great importance to the association of art and culture with decoration while seeking ecology through ancestral manufacturing.

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Delivery available nationwide.

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100% Algerian products directly from the artisans.

Handmade products

All of our products are handcrafted.

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